“Awesome is an understatement. great products. Super fast delivery” Posted by David (Ebay) May 2016

“Firstly it’s easy to use as it comes in a stick form but more importantly IT WORKS! I stayed fresh and dry all day although I do need to reapply it to make it through the evening. It smells nice, not overpowering at all and it’s great value.” Posted by Leiza (Nourished Life) May 2016

“This is the best deodorant I have ever used! Before I tried this i was using the Black Chicken paste, but realised it was leaving really bad yellow stains on my clothes. I decided to give this one a go and now I will never go back! Keeps me smelling fresh all day long and it is so gentle! Love love love!” Posted by Kahlia (Nourished Life) April 2016

“I love this deodorant, i normally a quiet sensitive to bi-carb but I’ve had no issues with this one and i feel nice and fresh all day” Posted by Catherine (Nourished Life) April 2016

“Professional from start to finish, I’m thoroughly impressed and satisfied” Posted by Darren (Ebay) April 2016

‘Been trying different natural deodorants for a long time and they either don’t work or I get a rash. Tried Earths Purities and it is fantastic. It works all day in a very labour intensive job and my armpits feel great. It does stick a little to the hairs but I simply rub it in to the skin for a couple of seconds and it sinks in straight away. Love this product and smells awesome.” Posted By Jarrod (Nourished Life) April 2016

“Great product! Like a big lip balm for your pits! No plastic containers perfect” Posted by Mathew (Ebay) March 2016

“Great,would buy again!” Posted by Edgaras, (Ebay) London UK January 2016

“I am stoked with this deodorant it does a great job. I have a very physical job and the other day i was working in 36 degree heat and it worked great for me all day” Posted by Chewy (Facebook) January 2016

“I backpacked South East Asia in the middle of summer with this deodorant and was so impressed! I put it on in the morning and was covered for the whole day:). It was 42 degrees most days with 80-90% humidity and worked perfectly! I recommend this to anyone!!” Posted by Lindsay (Facebook) January 2016

“Finally a natural deodorant that actually works! This product is amazing. I have worked in the health industry for many years trialing many natural deodorants and hadn’t found any to be completely effective. This is the first deodorant that stood up to my sweaty hour and a half gym sessions and 33 degree humid Qld temperatures.
It lasted the whole day without having to reapply.
Thank you Earth Purities I love your work! 😀” Posted by Elizabeth (Facebook) January 2016

“Absolutely love this product. Works extremely well and being all natural is all round perfect.” Posted by Dave (Facebook) January 2016