Detox-A-Pit FAQ’s

Q:           How does Detox-A-Pit work?

A:           The Detox-A-Pit ingredients and formula carry a strong negative ionic charge which bonds to the positive ionic charge found in many toxins.  When it comes into contact with a toxin, chemical or heavy metal, Detox-A-Pit will absorb the toxins and magnetically draw them to the surface of the skin and expel them from the body.  When you wash the formula off in the shower you wash away these toxins, which restore the bacterial imbalances in the armpit area, leaving you odour free.


Q:           Can I use a natural deodorant while I am in the process of using Detox-A-Pit?

A:           Yes you can continue to use a natural deodorant.  You should find after 3-4 days of using Detox-A-Pit odour will decrease and most people will be able to go without deodorant.  If you have sensitivity to your deodorant it is recommended not to use it during the detox period and slowly introduce it after one week of using Detox-A-Pit.  If you are suffering from sensitivity then you may use coconut oil during the day after you shower


Q:           How long should I use Detox-A-Pit for?

A:           The recommended usage is 7-10 days; however, everybody is different and may require a longer Detox period.  Detox-A-Pit is safe to use ongoing every day before you shower and you will know when you are completely detoxed as sweat will have no odour.  Some people may take up to 4 weeks off using Detox-A-Pit to completely detox the armpit area.  It is advised when detox is complete to use Detox-A-Pit as least once or twice a week to maintain armpit health.


Q:           How long should I leave Detox-A-Pit on for?

A:           You will need to leave Detox-A-Pit on for a minimum of 10 minutes in order for it to work its magic, however you can leave it on for as long as 30 minutes for a deep and thorough detox.


Q:           What is the best way to apply Detox-A-Pit?

A:           The best time to apply Detox-A-Pit is just before you shower.  Wet a facewash and clean the armpit.  With your fingers apply a half teaspoon amount to the underarm area and disperse evenly.  Wash your fingers and allow formula to work its magic for a minimum of 10 minutes.  Then simply wash off in the shower.


Q:           Will Detox-A-Pit stain my armpit because it is black?

A:           No, Detox-A-Pit will not stain the armpit area as it will simply wash off in the shower.


Q:           Why does Detox-A-Pit help with sensitivity to Bi Carb?

A:           Bicarb soda is a great ingredient in natural deodorants as it assists with eliminating odour.  It is also a great natural product to kill off candida and fungal infections in the body.  When using natural deodorant containing Bicarb a rash can appear due to the Bicarb killing off candida and also the body expelling toxins from the body.  Detox-A-Pit draws out these toxins and impurities which are then washed away when you shower.  As Detox-A-Pit works its magic you are less likely to have a reaction to Bicarb because the toxins and impurities have been magnetically drawn out of the body.  It will also eliminate discolouration caused by the armpit area healing itself when eliminated fungal infections.


Q:           Why after using natural deodorants for such a long time am I starting to get a rash – sometimes on one armpit only

A:           Rash and redness does not only occur when you are in the process of switching from a commercial deodorant to natural deodorant it can occur at any time.  Your armpits are an exit point for your body to expel toxins through sweating.  When using a natural deodorant you are allowing your body to expel these toxins naturally.  In some periods of our life our bodies have more toxins to expel due to many factors.  A build-up of toxins and heavy metals can be caused by medications, environmental conditions, food choices, alcohol and chemical laden products (some include household products and chemically formulated skin care).  When the body expels these toxins through the armpit area it can cause a skin reaction like rash.  If the toxins are fungal based such as candida then the bi carb in natural deodorant will start to kill candida off and during this process you may get rash and discolouration until it is completely expelled.


Q:           Can I use Detox-A-Pit while breast feeding or when I am pregnant?

A:           You can use Detox-A-Pit during these times as the formula is a localised detox.  Detox-A-Pit does not put anything into your body as it is designed to magnetically draw out toxins.  It is localised to the armpit area and connecting tissue.  Detox-A-Pit carries a strong negative ionic charge which bonds to the positive ionic charge found in many toxins and when applied to the armpit area will draw out these toxins to be washed away when you shower.