If you are reading this page, then you are wanting to learn about our story and how Earths Purities came to be. This is a story of how we started.

Hi my name is Hailey and this is our journey:

It started from a young age for me learning to always read labels which was instilled into me from my mother and as a kid we would go to the recycling plant every week and had 5 bins in the shed for cans, glass, plastic etc. so I was always environmentally aware.

It wasn’t until I was 18 years old that my eyes were open to an alternative world when I started to work with the amazing Dr Albert Salam as a side job to working in restaurants. Trained as a Chiropractor, craniopath and a homeopath, I saw true miracles at work as his assistant for 2 years and saw the power that nature can really do. I found myself questioning everything and scrutinised what I was putting in my body and on it.

I found myself looking for natural products which were as rare as hen’s teeth then but I did not have the knowledge to really scrutinise the labels; it was natural right?? 12 years ago Vincent and I met and shared our love for business, food and a sheer determination to challenge the status quo. We started our first restaurant together working side by side cooking up a storm.

Around 10 years ago I started to make my own cleaning products to use around the house, wash my clothes and made my own soaps. I spent hours on end everyday on the internet reading about every raw material and spent about a year and a half researching natural preservatives, surfactants, emulsifiers, humectants, etc. I found my skin was breaking out in hives more and more even just walking past the laundry detergents. With the power of google now in my palm I was able to scrutinise the labels further when in stores and found many products were natural but chocked up with toxic preservatives, additives and fillers. I found natural deodorants and brought them home all excited. Vincent would agree to give them a go with every one of them either failing to combat odour and most giving him a nasty rash. This went on for years. Over the past 12 years we had owned several restaurants, I had a home business and Vincent was climbing the corporate ladder with management roles. With my sheer determination to convince him that something would work, I made up my own concoction, now this is what peaked his interest!

What sounded like a masterplan backfired time and time again when the same issues arose with each new one we made. First it would be great then the nasty rash came. But once Vincent gets something in his mind he is determined to see it through. For a year and a half we made hundreds of deodorants with different formulas for his sensitive skin to try and finally we did it!!! No smell and no RASH!!!. We gave out many to friends and family with everyone telling us we must sell this. This was the start of it all. We had found a solution to a problem that such a huge amount of people were going through but never talked about. We didn’t realise just how many people were affected by rash and skin irritation when trying natural deodorants.

Finding the packaging was another horror; we wanted to offer the consumer an environmentally friendly solution, now this went back and forth with many suppliers for months of too many lengthy conversations. We knew what we wanted but it wasn’t available. We finally found someone to custom make our push up tubes and finally we had our first product!!!

This is chapter one of our story….chapter 2 is for another day. Thank you for reading our story 

Earths Purities create beautifully formulated natural products that do not harm your family, your health or the environment. Earths Purities create highly effective formulas using natural & organic ingredients that are free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, petrochemicals, phthalates, DEA & artificial colours. Formulated without animal testing our products are ingredient rich & naturally formulated. A Natural deodorant that actually works effectively that is safe, non-toxic & clean.